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Date: 19th February 2018
How to Make the Right Decision for Wrecking Car

Travelling can be easy if you have personal car. You need a car to commute almost everywhere in Melbourne if you have a busy lifestyle. The kilometers just pile up and that decreases the usability of car. The estimated life of a car ranges from five to seven years. A car is driven averagely for about twenty to thirty thousand kilometers. Your car depreciation also takes into account local miles or country miles as usually in country miles it is just clocking more kilometers but the car is not pushed a lot so it is still good. However miles accumulated in city can take a toll on the car’s useful life.

Either you buy an old car or new one it needs to be taken care of with its usage. For a newer model cars you can expect to have less repairs cost and for older you can expect to have more cost to have it on road. If you are a business man having a new car is certainly good so you can claim any down payment or repayment for the car. It can help you take some of the tax blow.

To find out if the car is still good for road we recommend talking to your mechanic and let them assess your car for any fault inside the bonnet. Just because a car looks good from outside does not guarantee it will be great from inside. Mechanics know where to look for broken or damage parts, how to assess your car for any problem. We don’t want to be on a side road asking for assistance due to breakdown.

Cost of repairs is a good indicator for car usability and serviceability. Normal repairs including oil change, wind screen change, tyres change, brake pads, side mirrors, is acceptable. Tyres have a useful life according to your usage, the more kilometers it’s done the sooner the tread finishes and you will need another set of tyres.  Small repairs on car such as ac gas change or radiator leak are normal and acceptable and should not be more to worry about. They happen with the age of the car, if a driver is happy with its car then they should keep driving unless you just want to get rid of it due to financial These are normal and nothing to worry about just keeps driving your car.

Next we discuss the signs that can be a sign for major work or signs such as engine seize, accident, internal fault etc these types of major fault takes a lot of money to fix therefore it is a sign for you to move on and get a newer car which can benefit in saving from insurance premiums to fuel cost.

Also note that, accident also means that it time to move on, no matter how much you spend we .As said after you know what wrong with your car then you can have a better view of how to sell your car. Usually in case of insurance the car will be held at their premises because they will assist and decide as of how much you can actually get for your car. If it still has some value to it, you can sell it or trade in the car with a dealer. If the car has major problem such as timings belt problem, water damaged etc, you can expect it to be of no good value and then you should call your local wreckers to take the car from your. They have the yard and manpower to pull it apart and make use of parts for other cars.

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